Our Team

Management Team

Tyron Hall (CEO)

Specialist in Machine Learning and Project Management. using the tools that fit the task at hand and the needs of the business. In machine learning he excels at audio, video and financial data processing.
In Project Management he believes in an adaptive approach based on concepts from a broad spectrum, using PMBOK, PRINCE2 and AGILE methodologies as and where appropriate.

André van Zuydam (CAO)

Andre is a software engineer with more than 20 years experience. After running and managing a software companyin Bloemfontein, Free State for 10 years he saw an opportunity in creating DevProx in Cape Town. His passion for coding and Open Source software contributions over the last 12 years, means that he keeps current with latest technologies and development approaches.
Andre leads his teams by example and adds to their effectiveness with the experience he brings to the table.
Passionate software engineer - nothing is impossible.

Iwan Kruger (COO)

Iwan Kruger is an engineer with a passion for developing innovative solutions. He enjoys working with customers to understand specific business problems that need solving.
He obtained a masters degree in electronic engineering and, since then, had the opportunity to be involved in various projects, utilising a wide variety of technologies. He has worked on tiny 8-bit microcontrollers to large scale distributed systems.
He values working with team members and believes in the collaborative environment, at DevProx, where team members are self-motivated and the sharing of ideas is strongly encouraged.