Edu-debt Assist

Introducing Edu-debt Assist and its components:

The product was created specifically for multi-campus educational institutions to facilitate mainly two critical functions, managing debtors and cash flow. By addressing these issues in a disciplined, structured and predictable way, entities in the education sector can turn their focus on to their core competence which is education.

Debtors Cash Flow Forecasting

The first part of the solution is described as Debtors Cash Flow Forecasting. By utilizing predictive modelling, we managed to create a tool that can provide the educational institution with data pertaining to their debtors behavioural forecast. This impacts the institutions’ ability to manage their income sheet better.

Debtors Cash Flow Recovery Automation

The second part of the solution we refer to as Automated Debtors Recovery. This feature supplements the ability to predict debtors behaviour by contacting them directly via WhatsApp. This feature incorporates a WhatsApp bot, that does debt collection or recovery on behalf of the educational institution. This offers a massive benefit to both the institution and the administrative staff, as it initiates the process of debt collection without any human intervention, based on predictive modelling of debtors.