Detect . Analyze . Locate

Introducing IdentiShot and how it makes our lives safer

IdentiShot brings together software and sensors to effectively disrupt the gun violence cycle. It accurately identifies and locates gunshots in seconds. With an accurate location and very fast reporting mechanisms, IdentiShot connects law enforcement with precise details to better handle the situation.

The Steep Cost of failing to report and respond to gunshot related incidents:

No evidence collected

Gunshot victims die

Community thinks authorities do not care

Economy and employment rate suffers

How IdentiShot proactively addresses gun violence problems


95% of gunshots detetcted with a precise location provided within 3 seconds. This greatly improves law enforcement response time.


Investigators are connected to the location of incident whereby evidence and shell casings can be collected and examined.


Patrol officers are more prepared and protected with the increase of tactical information (number of rounds or shooters, information of crime scene).

How IdentiShot works

Detector and Software

Coverage has acoustic sensors that are strategically placed. The sensors detect gunshots when a gun is fired. The machine-learning algorithm analyzes the sounds and multi-laterates the exact location of the gunshot. Incidents are then transmitted to law enforcement.

Accoustic Assessment

Our robust software enables false positives to be screened out. All sounds are analyzed in seconds. Relevant tactical information will be given to law enforecement (gun type, number of shooters, area).

Alert Authority

All the details of the incident are sent to dispatch centers and patrol. Total time from gunshot to alert is 3 seconds. These alerts can be integrated with other solutions like surveillance so the incident can be viewed


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