Optimize Monetization

Many companies that own digital and transactional assets never reach their full earning potential. There are various ways converting digital assets into revenue however Devprox has a very strong focus on predictive modelling and e-commerce.

Devprox focus on two main sections within Monetization:

Predictive Modelling

Nobody can tell what the future holds, but with predictive modeling a business can gain a competitive edge by using Data Science and Probability to create predictive models that takes the guesswork out of critical decisions or understanding why customers behave in a certain way. Predictive modelling uses data collected for relevant predictors to formulate a statistical model. These models may use linear equations, or complex neural networks, and as additional data becomes available, the statistical analysis model is validated or revised.


E-commerce is seen as one of the fastest growing channels not only for retailers, but also B2B (Business to Business) companies that adopt a Multi-or-Omni Channel strategy. Devprox offer an extensive and proven e-commerce competency and service offering that will optimize your monetization efforts.

What we offer

Monetization Optimisation Offerings

E-commerce & Predictive Modelling

Free Optimisation Evaluation

  • Free evaluation
  • Up to 4 hours
  • Video conference or within 50km radius of head office

Consultation, Reporting, Action plan

  • In-depth consulting
  • Analysis and report
  • Optimisation action plan

Technical Specification

  • Technical specification based on optimisation action plan

Once-off Optimisation

  • Optimising specified requirement

Recurring Optimisation

  • Project management
  • Software development
  • E-commerce managed services

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